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AMAZING Experiences | Jewish Photographer


Customer Experience is of upmost importance to us at Laibel Schwartz Photography. We value receiving a great experience, and love editing our system to create a great experience for you. As a side, please be sure to give us a shout when you love what we do so we can continue to give it over and over again.

  1. Our stay at the Gramercy Park Hotel |
  2. Dinner at NOBO |
  3. Private Ceramics class, just Laibel & Chana (No one else showed up!) |
  4. Makeup by Louise Lerman for our Photography Session with Lindsay Adler ||
  5. Giving Birth (Okay, I know this one doesn’t fit in the box, but I couldn’t help myself) |

Some of the things that made the difference: Surprise gifts, upgraded room, meeting the chef at our table, fuzzy slippers, private instruction, date night, feeling pampered, take home lipstick, guided art tour, friendly staff, and the reward of a beautiful little baby after the hard work of giving birth! 🙂

Share your favorite experiences below.