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Rotbard Wedding Video | Jewish Wedding Photography

For those of you who are curious what a wedding video looks like when it is in the same style as our Highlights videos, and what it’s like to have a 30-45 minute video rather than a pain-staking-to-watch 3-5 hour video, we are here to appease you. Whew, long sentence. Just trying to get my message across. Our videos are unique. elegant. heart-wrenching. enjoyable. and watchable. Believe me without watching? So you can save your minutes for more important things, or you can watch and see why you’ll want to hire us for your next event. Equally valid choices.

Click here, and we will take you to our Full, “Short Form” Wedding Video. Enjoy!

Okshtein Wedding Highlights Video | Jewish Wedding Photography

Another beautiful wedding, another beautiful couple married! Wed just before Rosh Hashanah, we have now shown them the goods, and can share them here too. Located in Brooklyn, New York, the video starts with Chana reading a letter she wrote to her husband-to-be, and continues with Yakov reading the end of her letter. We hope you enjoy the Highlights video!




Kushner Cobras Preview | Jewish Photographer

It was a close game last night, as we shot each move of every player…waiting to see the outcome. All of a sudden it’s the end of the seventh inning with the opposing team up to bat, with two outs and two strikes on the batter at home plate. Wait, get ready, go! go! We’ve won! The male part of our crew ran into the field to catch the excitement that built up in those boys, game after game as they got closer the the championship. Here is a sneak preview of the images, which we hope to post to our Client Access page later this week. The images will be available for purchase directly through our website once they’re up. Please stay posted for more information on the video, which will be available for purchase as well.

Good game guys!

Note: We are currently editing the images and loading them onto our Client Access page. Please be patient while they upload, it will happen soon iy”H. Thanks!