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The Eternal Image | Yoni & Bina Oscherowitz

Location: The Pacific Ocean & The King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach, CA |

 “As the day started to unravel I realized what an amazing idea Laibel and Chana had to start The Eternal Image. It is so special for a couple to see what they look like through someone else’s eyes and visually see how unique their relationship is with their spouse. Sometimes you need to see it through someone elses eyes to see it yourself.”

Laibel Schwartz Photography is anything but your average Jewish New York wedding photographer. Each wedding is treated with care and creativity not found with other New York wedding photography studios. Your wedding day is carefully crafted to offer one of a kind unique photography in the Monsey area.

This is Jewish wedding photography at its best. Laibel Schwartz Photography offers wedding coverage in Monsey, Lakewood, NYC and destinations worldwide, this wedding photography studio is one of the top studios in the country and is located right here in the New York metro area.

Emotional. Elegant. Classic. These are the words typically used to describe this Jewish wedding photographer. With clients based all over the world, Monsey is home to this Jewish wedding photographer.

We take pride in offering our clients the type of Jewish wedding photography they are looking for. Its one thing to take pictures, its another to create art for our clients.

Our Jewish clients are typically looking for artwork for their home rather than snapshots, and that is what draws them into our Jewish wedding photography studio.

Yehuda & Tova Engaged | Jewish Wedding Photography

Tova and I were set to be friends from the start. She and I both spent time at Parsons School of Design. (She didn’t enjoy it enough to stick around, but that’s not here nor there). To capture Yehuda & Tova’s relationship, we found the perfect little spaces to capture them while walking the quaint streets of the cozy water town, Nyack, NY.


Laibel Schwartz Photography, Inc. |

Our Family: Introducing Elisheva | Jewish Family Portraits

You should know, we value photography as much as we say we do. When we were expecting our first baby, now an adorable two year old, Laibel promised me (Chana) he would take newborn portraits of the baby we were expecting. I agreed. Then, we had a our first baby, a boy. We were busy picking a name until the night before the bris, busy with all of our planning and parenting, let alone setting up a formal photoshoot.

Expecting number two, we realized that we would much rather focus on our family, and let a professional (someone other than us) take care of documenting our family. We had worked with Alicia Gould previously on a commercial project here, and we knew that she was the perfect person for the job. We could not be happier, and are deeply grateful for the precious moments that we have caught on camera of our family and beautiful new baby girl Elisheva.

schwartz19schwartz18Thank you so much Alicia!

Laibel Schwartz Photography, Inc. |

Alicia Gould Photography |