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What I would have done differently for my Wedding |Jewish Wedding Photography

We’ve all made choices. Lots and lots of them. The little ones like, “Should I order the Handmade Gnocchi with Chicken & Duck Confit, or the Braised Short Ribs with Mashed Yams & Braised Kale?”, have never been my forte. Who could choose between such luscious sounding foods? But the big choices are just that, they’re big. It’s important which man you marry, and which city you live in. Those are not ‘ordered’ as quickly as the former. But how about your wedding choices? This dress or that one. An all white bouquet, or a warm red one with accents of blue and yellow? Your photography? Ah, the photography.

It. is. important.

We had no choice, we used the photographer we could, and that’s that. Would I have made a different choice? Definitely. Could I have taken control of it? It just isn’t clear. But one thing is for sure, we wish we had better images of our own wedding day. It doesn’t go away. It haunts me all the time (okay, maybe just a little more since I am a wedding photographer).

What are we doing about it? Taking stellar baby portraits all-the-time. At least our baby can have his milestones recorded in beautiful, transcending images. The kind that matter; documenting his “firsts”, his outings (with us of course), and those times he just looks cute.

What should you do? Hire a good wedding photographer. See my post about what your memories are worth, to be posted ASAP.

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