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Our Mini Vacation | Jewish Interior Photography

A quaint little town not too far from home welcomed us for a mini getaway this spring. Since our little baby number two is still little, we weren’t so interested in hopping on a plane or getting too exotic. We kept it simple and refined, enjoying our view out the expansive windows while we watched the rain fall.



Check out for your next getaway. We highly recommend it. |  Laibel Schwartz Photography, Inc.

Our Family: Introducing Elisheva | Jewish Family Portraits

You should know, we value photography as much as we say we do. When we were expecting our first baby, now an adorable two year old, Laibel promised me (Chana) he would take newborn portraits of the baby we were expecting. I agreed. Then, we had a our first baby, a boy. We were busy picking a name until the night before the bris, busy with all of our planning and parenting, let alone setting up a formal photoshoot.

Expecting number two, we realized that we would much rather focus on our family, and let a professional (someone other than us) take care of documenting our family. We had worked with Alicia Gould previously on a commercial project here, and we knew that she was the perfect person for the job. We could not be happier, and are deeply grateful for the precious moments that we have caught on camera of our family and beautiful new baby girl Elisheva.

schwartz19schwartz18Thank you so much Alicia!

Laibel Schwartz Photography, Inc. |

Alicia Gould Photography |

Our Maternity Portraits | Jewish Portrait Photography

With an impending birth on it’s arrival, it is hard to know when it’s going to be too late to get in a maternity session. Of course, it shouldn’t be cut too close or the belly that once was, will be no more. So out into the snow and freezing temperatures we went, just before shabbos was ready to set in. We kept things simple with the location due to the timing and weather, and had our session in our very own backyard.

We know from our own experience that having maternity photos to reference from one pregnancy to the next can make for much more interesting memories than “I think I was ______ last time”. Insert your pregnant belly description: bigger, smaller, rounder, fuller, etc.

Jewish-Portrait-Maternity-Photo-2 | Laibel Schwartz Photography Inc.

Our Family Mountain Vacation | Jewish Portrait Photography

Ever heard of You may want to look into it next time you’re thinking about taking a vacation. That is, if you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing, non-hotel type of vacation. That is exactly what we wanted. To get away. To spend time as a family. We found the cutest little ‘up-scale camping’ cabin (as we liked to describe it) in the middle-of-nowhere-NY, and it was the most memorable summer vacation we’ve taken. Although, I might say that every time we take a trip.

How cute is the old tin washbasin that we used to bath our little guy?

Laibel Schwartz Photography |

Our Family in LA | Monsey Portrait Photographers

Remember that architecture I was talking about? It was stunning. We rode bikes with our big little guy Yehuda up The Strand, along the shoreline of the beach. The ocean on our left and the $10+ Million houses on our right, it was a tough decision which way to look. The highlight of our trip to any place we’ll ever go though, is our family. The best part about getting away is spending time together and bonding over new experiences and so that is what I am sharing: Pictures of our family.


Laibel Schwartz Photography |