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Sheva Brachos

During the first days after a Jewish marriage, couples are finally alone, hopefully in their new home. Sheva Brachos (the seven nights of seven blessings) keep us busy during evening hours when the nights are filled with entertainment and company. Sometimes a couple is busy traveling from place to place to accommodate different family members, yet other times the days are left to themselves to do what they please…but how should they spend their first formidable hours together?

Of course, we’ve only been through it once, so I am only close with the circumstances we had in our new marriage. Everyone is different, but we all have similarities just the same. 

Surprise your spouse. Who says you can’t set the breakfast table with your fancy new champagne glasses?

Arrange a special date in- you’ll be spending a lot of time out in the evening, so take advantage of the days to spend time getting acquainted with one another at home. 

Offer something from your skill set:

You’re a master baker or cook? Make it meaningful by making breakfast or lunch when it is least expected. When we were first married, I offered Laibel pancakes for breakfast. He told me that we weren’t going to be able to make pancakes because we didn’t have any pancake mix. I have always loved to bake, and even though I have nothing against pancake mix, I make mine from scratch. “No Laibel, I will make the pancakes. From flour. We don’t need a box for that!” He was of course delighted.

Your house is still empty? Take a trip to the grocery together to plan out how you would like to setup your kitchen. Every kitchen has a necessity of basics, and every kitchen is different. You’ll need to get to know each other’s cooking habits, eating habits and preferences, and more. This is a long journey to healthy and happy eating (around which every house revolves!), so start it off right. 

Wedding Day Emergency Kit


We like to bring a little bag of goodies with us to our weddings along with our mandatory photography gear. Sometimes we’re not present when the maid of honor is asking around for an emergency scissor, but other times we’re right there with the scissor-of-your-prayers. Just in case we’re not around, here are some suggestions for your own Wedding Day Emergency Kit:

Spray deodorant

Stain remover

Nail polish remover

Pain reliever

Dental floss

Clear nail polish

Lip balm

Breath freshener or mints

Hair spray



Adhesive bandages

Mending kit

Safety pins

Double-sided tape

Clear elastics

Earring backs

Emery board

Bobby pins

Blotting tissue

Facial tissue

Extra lipstick for after Yichud

Side bonus: If you put one of these together, make sure to bring it along to your friends’ weddings to help them too!

Tips for Beautiful Wedding Photographs | Jewish Wedding Photographer

 Planning Couple Portraits with your Wedding Photographer

So here we are, date settled,wedding venue or hall booked, and a very long to-do list in front of us. On one hand, you should be feeling elated, because you’ve just booked your calendar for the date you’ll be marrying the person you’re ready to spend your life with. On the other hand, you’re totally overwhelmed, and maybe even over-budget, before you’ve even started.

When you’re lucky enough to book one of the most drool worthy venues around, like The Venetian, The Rockleigh, or The Greentree Country Club, you needn’t worry about finding beautiful corners of the room to photograph you, your family, and your new spouse. However, sometimes we have other factors in finding our wedding venue such as a central location where guests can easily pop in for a quick dance.

We’re here to help you plan beautiful couple portraits that you’ll be proud to hang in your new home. One of our most memorable creations for our couple’s portraits was for Meiny Shaziri (Makeovers by Meiny, now located in Israel). We wanted to breakaway from the pretty, but boring, paneled walls at her wedding hall in Monsey, NY. We brought in a paper seamless background, much like we would use for a portrait or commercial session in a studio. We created our on-site studio in a private corner of the hall and we created images that make me shiver.

Another favorite couple portrait plan we set forth was with Chana Eisenberg (The Wax Bar, also now located in Israel). She enlisted the favor of a friend with a stunning home and property to allow us to photograph the couple on the grounds during their reveal before the wedding. Similar locations might be found at historical homes, classic locations like Central Park, or secret gardens tucked away in your wedding town.

Lastly, I want to share with you our most out-of-the-box technique for planning a stunning wedding location, without changing the wedding venue, bringing in extra equipment, or even seeing each other before the wedding. Chany Rindsberg’s wedding was at Tiferes Rivka in Brooklyn, NY, but Chany wanted their couple portraits to be in Prospect Park. Just a 10 minute drive away from the hall, we quickly drove away with the couple after the yichud room to photograph them at Prospect Park, while their guests were entertained with the fun photo booth we setup for them in the intermediate time frame.

We can’t wait to create beautiful photographs of you at your wedding. Where will your dream couple portraits be photographed?


AMAZING Experiences | Jewish Photographer


Customer Experience is of upmost importance to us at Laibel Schwartz Photography. We value receiving a great experience, and love editing our system to create a great experience for you. As a side, please be sure to give us a shout when you love what we do so we can continue to give it over and over again.

  1. Our stay at the Gramercy Park Hotel |
  2. Dinner at NOBO |
  3. Private Ceramics class, just Laibel & Chana (No one else showed up!) |
  4. Makeup by Louise Lerman for our Photography Session with Lindsay Adler ||
  5. Giving Birth (Okay, I know this one doesn’t fit in the box, but I couldn’t help myself) |

Some of the things that made the difference: Surprise gifts, upgraded room, meeting the chef at our table, fuzzy slippers, private instruction, date night, feeling pampered, take home lipstick, guided art tour, friendly staff, and the reward of a beautiful little baby after the hard work of giving birth! 🙂

Share your favorite experiences below.


Tips for Beautiful Wedding Photographs- Jewish Wedding Photographer


by Chana Schwartz

No.1 – Schedule an Engagement Session

We believe that every relationship has a progression, and want you to be able to remember and reflect on those fleeting moments. Getting in front of the camera will give you beautiful photographs to document this short stage of your relationship before the wedding, and it will get you guys comfortable being in front of the camera. Get ready for your eyes to be glued to your partner, and sore cheeks from your happiness looking at him/her! (We highly recommend scheduling your hair and makeup trials for the engagement session so you will look stunning, and feel great)

No. 2 – Love your Hair & Makeup Artist

Your hair and makeup greatly influences how you will look and feel on your wedding day. Of course, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll want to look your best, and have timeless looks to share with your children when you’re old and wrinkled. However, you also want to make sure you’re comfortable with your stylists and artists (and all of your vendors). It’s important that you’re surrounded by people who are pleasant and make you feel good to be around.

No. 3 – Getting Ready Photos

You’ll want to consider what parts of your day are the memories you’ll want to hold onto (besides the actual ceremony and partying!). If you will be getting ready the morning of your wedding with your mom, sisters, friends, or anyone who is important to you, you may want to consider scheduling us to be there to photograph special moments between you. That goes for both bride and groom. Getting ready should be in the nicest room available, with everyone’s things tucked away in a closet or a corner, and the more natural light in the room, the better. I am a Parsons School of Design trained Interior Designer, and something you’ll learn from me is that what you are surrounded by truly effects you. If it’s tidy in the room, the pictures will be breathtaking, and your persona will feel more relaxed, trust me.

No. 4 – Make time for Couple Portraits

You’ve decided to hire us, and our guess is that you love our couple portraits. That’s because we love our couples, and we know that you guys are the most important people on your wedding day. We love to photograph the first moments you are a husband & wife because it’s about you two, and your decision to spend the rest of your lives together. We always work within what we are given, and if that’s 30 minutes for everything after Yichud, that’s what we will do. However, the more time we have, the more creative we can get with your portraits. Keep in mind that if we plan to sneak away to a fun location outside, in another room, or take ten minutes to reach a hidden location, it’s important to carve out enough time in the day to do so.

No. 5 – Relax

It’s going to be your wedding day, and the last thing you want to do is stress. I know you want it to be perfect, look beautiful, run smoothly, and keep to the schedule, but none of that really matters when all is said and done. Have a close friend take phone calls for you, make sure your venue or wedding hall manager has a list of need-to-knows before the wedding, and hire vendors who will do their job without you worrying if they are or not! Relax, and enjoy your wedding day, because it will be over before you know it! We’ll be there to help keep things smooth as much as it’s in our ability, and we’ll create the memories of all your happy moments for you to look back on and smile.


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