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Chaim & Shira Engaged | Jewish Wedding Photographer

Dear Chaim and Shira,

Winning isn’t for everyone. You guys were so amazing trooping the cold weather on Thursday, and I had a really wonderful time photographing you during this special time. We came out with some really amazing images, so I hope you guys are sitting down. A few to get you in the mood..

Chaim Heinemann, Shira Rosenfield, Monsey Photographer, Monsey Wedding Photography, Engagement Photographer

Can’t wait to show you the rest!

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Ovadia & Sora Engaged | Jewish Wedding Photographer

The sweetest couple you’ve ever met. Ovadia and Sora were engaged last night and B”H we were there to capture a few moments of their simcha. Glowing smiles, friendly faces, and a lot of love filled this home last night. A few portraits and of course, the food. Enjoy!

Brooklyn, NY, Wedding, Photography, Vort, Engagement, Russian

Adam & Shira Engaged | Jewish Wedding Photography

This engagement is totally almost over. Always a smart move, this couple kept their engagement short and sweet! It was such a pleasure to spend the hours of Shira & Adam’s vort with them, capturing all of the friendly faces around them whilst they casted the most radiant glow. Mazel Tov Shira and Adam! You should only see shalom and bracha and everything that is good in your marriage to come.

Shira Klatzko, Benzion Klatzko, Adam Freedman, Monsey Wedding Photography, Engagement Photographer

Josh & Emily Engaged | Jewish Wedding Photography

Instead of getting together, shmoozing, shouting, dancing, and eating in honor of a big football game, we got together and did all of that in honor of our friends Josh & Emily to celebrate their engagement. It was a beautiful day in Passaic, New Jersey today, and we can’t thank you enough for having us be a part of your simcha. We thought we would post a few images from today for you all to drool over. More soon!

And for those of you who made it down here to the lower half of the page, we’d like to share with you one more for the team. Here’s to Meor NYU:

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