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Our Mexican Date | Date Your Spouse

It has been so long since I have had a delicious ethnic meal. In Eretz Israel, it was Moroccan. In Queens, our friends the Farkas’ tell us that we must try Marani for authentic Kosher Georgian food (will I like Georgian?). But, oh how much fun it is to immerse yourself in another culture and try the foods the way that the locals make it. So I thought of a plan (and I know just how), I’ll make it myself (and I’ll make it right now). I’m planning to make our own Mexican cuisine from A to Z for a date night in. No need for babysitting- except someone please watch the kids so that I can cook! 

So that’s it. It sounds like I’m talking about food, but what I’m really talking about is dating your spouse. If you don’t spend time together and talk about things other than work, money, kids, laundry, and other chores of this world called life, things can get rough. One of the plans for execution? Serving a gourmet meal in, for a change, for excitement, for privacy, and for fun. Let me know if you need the recipes. 

On second thought, are there any authentic Mexican restaurants to give me a night off?