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Wedding Day Emergency Kit


We like to bring a little bag of goodies with us to our weddings along with our mandatory photography gear. Sometimes we’re not present when the maid of honor is asking around for an emergency scissor, but other times we’re right there with the scissor-of-your-prayers. Just in case we’re not around, here are some suggestions for your own Wedding Day Emergency Kit:

Spray deodorant

Stain remover

Nail polish remover

Pain reliever

Dental floss

Clear nail polish

Lip balm

Breath freshener or mints

Hair spray



Adhesive bandages

Mending kit

Safety pins

Double-sided tape

Clear elastics

Earring backs

Emery board

Bobby pins

Blotting tissue

Facial tissue

Extra lipstick for after Yichud

Side bonus: If you put one of these together, make sure to bring it along to your friends’ weddings to help them too!

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